Penshoppe x Lyfecycle

PENSHOPPE ensures that our customers get quality products that they truly deserve. Our items are individually packed in bags to protect them from natural elements while in storage and in transit to our stores. 

That is why PENSHOPPE join hands with LYFECYLE in creating self-destructing, fully biodegradable plastic packaging that aims to protect the environment from microplastics. 

Our Solution

This plastic garment bag, made with self-destructing plastic technology. 

Through Lyfecycle’s technology, when exposed to air, heat, light, and moisture, each plastic packaging will return to nature after 24 months, toxin and microplastic free.

Seeing is believing!

See the technology with your own eyes.

We present to you a solution that eliminates the doubt: the power of Lyfecycle self-destructing plastic technology is brought to life through the “Green Bean Experiment.” Witness as one bean sprouts through earth-friendly wax (no longer plastic), while the other becomes trapped under a layer of conventional plastic. Both materials used to conduct the experiment have been exposed to the same natural environmental conditions, highlighting the distinction between them. 

This experiment was conducted on December 12, 2022, at Imperial College London. 

PENSHOPPE’s partnership with LYFECYLE is just one of our small steps towards sustainability and we are excited to take on bigger roles as we fashion a better tomorrow. We are eager to work and explore possibilities on how we can grow a community towards a more sustainable future.

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