Gifts For Her
Gifts For Him

What would be a perfect day ender for this person?

A cocktail party with friends
A cozy and quiet night with a book and tea
Netflix, pizza, and chill
Binging on animal and baby videos online
Starting up on their new passion project
A stretch and a complete skin care routine

Then how would you think they'd start the day?

Film themselves doing their morning routine
A 5-minute meditation to realign their day's purpose
Be on their phone for a few minutes or so
Play an upbeat song they can dance with
Play an inspiring podcast to kickstart their day
Stretch and drink a glass of water

What's this person's favorite food to order?

Steak and wine
Salads and fruit juices
Burger, pizza, and fries
Candies and chocolates
Anything they haven't tried yet
As long as it's a balanced diet

Which of the following is this person's go-to look?

Always with an eye-catching piece
Monochromatic looks
A comfortable pair of shirt and trackpants
Colorful and delightful-looking pieces
Laid-back rare pieces you don't usually find anywhere
Sweats or clad gym clothes

Which genre of movies/series is this person's fave?

Reality and variety shows
Focuses on calming and self-help
Nothing in particular as long as it's the latest
Romcom and coming-of-age flicks
Independent films and documentaries
Shows focusing on activeness and fitness