Jordan Barrett's Livin' The Holiday Fever Under The Sun!

Photos Courtesy of Jessica McDonald.

The holiday yuletide won't stop the larger-than-life supermodel Jordan Barrett in getting into the crystal tides of Palawan. The Australian fashion icon is an avid lover of crystal coasts - and where else to sink in the ocean blue than the beaches of Palawan?

We spotted him sporting a pair of khaki board shorts and it was a blessing in its own right – he rocked out his personal style: casual and comfortable – perfectly suited for his R&R at the sunny island banks.

Jungle Wild Child Jordan gets into the nature’s groove while sporting a pair of board shorts and a towel over his shoulders.

Nothing like the ocean blues. Right, Jordan?

Ready for a wanderlust adventure.

Off to make another epic trail blaze.

You can cop Jordan’s beach-borne looks below!

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