Here’s the Push You Need to Finally Rock Neon Fashion

Here’s the Push You Need to Finally Rock Neon Fashion

Give your wardrobe a glow-up, too!

The mood has been neutral for quite a while and shying away from anything flashy isn’t uncommon. Impressions aside, maybe it’s time we follow the footsteps of our standout sisters and misters.

Neon sticks out in varied ways (obviously): an eye-catching wallet you can clip to your pants, the standout deets on your top, or maybe your entire outfit!

But despite contrary beliefs (and fashion horror stories), there’s absolutely no obligation on anyone’s part to rock neon the same way they did back in the ‘80s. This season, it’s all about rocking key items to pull off an effortless glow.

Velcro Sliders P399

Pick a pair of rubber sliders with bold velcro highlights to go with your all-black ‘fit. Three words: subtle but popping!

Waist Pack P399

Skip your usual black carry-all and go for an on-trend bumbag in a punchy lime green color.

Penshoppe Pumped Green Eau De Toilette P299

Hopping in the neon trend doesn’t mean that you have to let the colors rain on your parade. For the boys, let your fragrance do all the talking!

Knitted Top P299

Make a basic black skirt fun and add a bold orange knitted top to the equation!

Now, you’re looking good in neon! Check out more styles for your glow-up at